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Sub Distribution Switchboards

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These units have been designed for sub-distribution purposes in large installations. Typical busbar ratings are 250A, 400A and 630A having outgoing MCCBs of frame sizes from 100A up to 250A. The lowest setting for the 100A frame is 15A while that for the 250A is 125A. These units are designed to occupy the minimum space possible in the plant room and can either be installed walled mounted or floor standing for the higher ratings.

Two systems of busbars are available. The first is the EasyPact™ Busbar designed by Schneider Electric to be used in conjunction with the EasyPact™ range of MCCBs. The basic system is available in a variety of ways: starting from 4 up to 12ways EasyPact™ 100A (max) outgoing MCCBs. On 400A and 630A systems additional 2 or 4 EasyPact250 outgoing MCCBs can be incorporated. This busbar system is fully certified system.

The other busbar is a custom made system to allow more flexibility of outgoing MCCBs both in terms of ratings and the number of poles, for example, the use of 2P outgoing MCCBs. Interlocked incomers for mains supply and stand-by generator have also been adopted.

Instrumentation compartment, which can also serve as an MCB compartment, is available in this design.