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Package Substations

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Prefabricated Package Substation, also called compact substations, are non-walk-in substations providing a rapid 11,000/400V distribution solution. The MPE range of Package Substations has been specifically designed to operate reliably in the environmental conditions of North Africa and the Middle East. The basic models 11kV/400V Package Substations have ratings of 500kVA and 1000kVA.

The Package Substation housing is made from a composition of galvanised sheet steel of 1.5/2mm thickness and a structural base of 4mm mild steel, hot dip galvanised. The housing is provided with a pitched, double skin, metal roof. Roof ventilation is provided by fresh air intake from the outside of the housing and the exit of warm air from the top ridge. A GRP roof option is also available. The roof is removable in one piece to facilitate the replacement of equipment inside. The entire substation can be positioned on site either by a crane or a fork lifter.

The Package Substation is divided into three totally separated compartments: the High Voltage (HV), Transformer and Low Voltage (LV) compartments. The Transformer compartment is provided with side doors fitted with ventilation and sand traps while the HV and LV compartments are fitted with double leaf doors of reinforced steel.

The HV compartment can be equipped with Ring Main Units of the major brands like Schneider Electric or Lucy Electric. A top chimney is currently being provided over the RMU circuit breaker chamber to safely direct the pressurised hot gasses away from the operator in line with internal arc protection.

The LV compartment houses the LV distribution board connected to the LV bushings of the transformer by cables, rigid or flexible busbars. The LV panel is designed to the specific requirements of the client with circuit breakers or fuse disconnectors, instrumentation and energy metering.