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Industrial applications

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The unique design of these panels is that any brand of MCB and with any number of poles can be connected to the busbar. In fact, anything which is DIN mount can be installed. Most designs available on the market can have only 1 Pole or 3 Pole MCBs connected to a busbar system of the same brand name. This reduces the flexibility of the system and clients may have difficulty to find replacement MCBs from their local market.

Our Industiral MCB panels utilise busbars rated 200A, each with spring terminal connections to connect to outgoing devices. The main circuit breaker can either be an MCCB or an MCB. Any form of residual current protection can be provided either on the main circuit breaker or with individual outgoing circuits.

The system is modular with the basic unit having a size of 42 ways single pole equivalent and a maximum load of 200A. Each extra module adds an additional 42 ways complete with its own busbar and connection to the main incomer.

These panels have been successfully installed in industrial and commercial environments. Any protection and monitoring relay can be installed in dedicated modules used also for standard instrumentation when requested by the client.